Ui Trainer’s Training


Is This Your Life Purpose? 

It’s always been our dream to enlighten the world with Ui Trainers, and we’re hoping it’s been your dream to become one!

The stars have aligned and we are now offering Ui Trainer Training. This is one of the most exciting initiatives we’ve ever offered and we are now taking applications. The world is ready for Ui and ready for you to become everything you came here to be. The time is now! No more holding back, no more hesitating, it’s time to live your life purpose whole-heartedly! The world needs YOU!


I, having been a Ui Trainer now for 8.5 years, know that making the decision to take this step is the best decision I’ve ever made. It has been the most fulfilling journey of growth, empowerment, love and success. For you, with me having paved the way, your journey is set to be  free-flowing, graceful and prosperous.”

Train Ui One-On-One Or In Large Groups
Online or Live In person

As a Ui Trainer you will be equipped with the all the skills to train people one-on-one, or large groups at a time. You will be taught all the Ui material, how to heighten intuition, create a connection to Ui, amazing public speaking skills, advanced Ui Mentoring and out of this world healing techniques from the Founders of Ui – Daniel and Sonja Rechnitzer.

What Will You Get To Train?

Ui has profound applications in every industry and for everyone. As such, we have based the Ui Trainer Training around all of our Ui branded programs for large market appeal. You can focus your attention on one or all of these groups, wherever your guidance leads you for maximum fulfillment, contribution and success.

In addition to the main Ui brand you can also choose to fulfill your life purpose from:


Use 100% Of Your Brain
A powerful training solution for adults in any industry, teaching them how to harness Whole Brain Intelligence (Ui) to get answers to their every question.


Intuition 4 Kids 2

And Intuition 4 Teens™
Special Ui programs for minors between the ages of 6-16, teaching them how to connect to their Higher Self / Universal Intelligence, clear out subconscious belief systems and heal and prevent illness and disease.


When Doctors Don’t Know, ASK Ui!
A cutting edge training program, teaching people how to prevent and cure themselves of both illness and unnecessary ageing, working at the subconscious level (DNA upgrade available).


The All-Wise And ALL KNOWING Entrepreneur
(For Guys too!) This goes way beyond conventional business know-how into a realm where all the answers can be accessed at the speed of thought. Teach others how to harness the power of Universal Intelligence to access the best path for them and their business.


And The Truths That Will Set You Free

Based on Daniel’s new book, this program is focused on helping people understand the role their belief systems play in creating their reality and how to best clear the damaging beliefs from their mind and body.


Natural Pain Free Birth and Profound Parenting
For those that want to help new mothers have an all-Natural Pain Free Birth and help the new generations come stay enlightened and connected to their source. This is for you! Go beyond hypnotherapy or NLP and Discover The Miracle of A Soul Conversation with babies in the womb, newborns and children, helping mothers do the same!


Live THE ZONE with Whole Brain Performance

Teach athletes from all sports and at all levels how to triumph! From Golfers to Cyclists, Surfers, Sprinters, Footballers and everything in between. Ui is the ultimate advantage. Ui provides the competitive edge by clearing the Subconscious Beliefs holding an athlete back, to understanding the unique optimal diet and training regime for athletes. One size does not fit all and Ui brings the profound insights necessary to LIVE IN THE ZONE.


“Having been on the Ui path for over 18 years, we’ve both learned so much. The frustration has always been being able to squeeze what we know into our courses. Now, thanks to to the Ui Trainer’s Training, we can share everything. So much so, that this training may very well be the best year of your life so far!”

Daniel and Sonja Rechnitzer

Daniel & Sonja Rechnitzer
Ui Founders & Head Trainers.



Ui Trainer’s Training 2015


Ui Mentor Training –  Sep 7-11, Noosa, AUS

Self Mastery Fast-Track - Aug 17, SKYPE

Mentor Success Program - Oct 5, SKYPE

Senior Mentor - Sep 21-22, Noosa, AUS

Ui Trainer - Feb 22-26, Noosa, AUS



The Ui Trainer’s Training is not for the faint of heart. It requires commitment and above all, persevering through your greatest obstacles. It is about transcending beyond the “YOU” you currently believe to be real, to elevate to the REAL you. It is about choosing your Highest Purpose no matter what life throws at you. It is about living as your True Self and teaching others to do the same. It is only through leading by example that others will be inspired to follow.

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